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The Plant

Our 320,000 sq ft factory in Scunthorpe is purpose-built to make the manufacturing of corrugated packaging as seamless as possible.

With our Fosber 2.8mm fast order change corrugator at the centre of our operations, our plant is designed to make our production process as straightforward and innovative as possible. This gives our team the ability to directly respond to changing orders as and when they need adjustments, ensuring we can remain completely flexible to the needs of our customers.

Our plant is built to support our sustainable vision. This includes the Fosber’s ‘eco enclosure’ reducing energy consumption by up to 40%, our pallet-less load former, and our state-of-the-art computerised conveyors designed to handle materials in the most effective, efficient, and sustainable way possible.

But perhaps the star of the show is the CorrBoard Bioenergy plant adjacent to our warehouse. The plant facilitates every element of our operations, ensuring we are carbon neutral throughout our operations. By diverting over 25,000 tonnes of biological waste each year, our plant is provided enough electricity and heat for 1,500 homes in a completely renewable way.

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