Celebrating Professional Accreditation



Date Added: 14.11.22

CorrBoard colleagues achieve CX Accreditation

Eleven CorrBoard UK colleagues are celebrating after they were awarded the CX Academy, Professional Certificate in Customer Experience (CX).  

The online course, which is delivered through 12 hours of direct learning, is supported by toolkits, templates and resources. Each of the eleven candidates were required to complete a series of six modules before achieving the professional certification.

Reinforcing its commitment to customer experience, we paid for each colleague to take the course. Working together, the group encouraged each other to complete the video lectures and ‘real world’ studies that were necessary to pass each module.

Managing Director of CorrBoard, Rob Burgin comments: “I would like to congratulate the group for their efforts and to thank them for their commitment to the process. Everyone learns differently and I was really pleased to see this cohort supporting each other as they completed the modules.

“The outcome is that we have a professionally accredited team that can now put the theory into practice and make sure that the experience our customers are getting is reflective of our values and ambition to become the leading independent sheet feeding specialist in the UK.”

Stephanie Arnell, Customer Service Manager at CorrBoard, comments: “I am so pleased that I had the chance to work towards the Professional Certification in Customer Experience. It’s not something I had previously thought about but can definitely see the benefits to getting involved.   

“As well as giving me the opportunity to learn more about customer experience and the customer journey, it also supports my own professional development. I’m really proud of everyone involved and am so pleased that we all passed and have the certification we worked so hard to achieve.

“Knowing that you work for an employer that is willing to invest in you is a big thing. The culture at CorrBoard is both supportive and progressive. We are all testament to that.”

Stephanie Arnell, Customer Service Manager; Anne-Marie Barron, Head of Finance; Paul Broderick, Sales Director; Sheimona Jahan, Quality Technician; Katie Woodward, Head of Operations; Paul Bell, Yard Operative; Caroline Donson, Quality Manager; Vaiva Nita, Customer Service Administrator; Shannon Porley, Customer Service Administrator; Jonathan Frankland, Paper Purchasing & Planning Manager and John McArthur, Traffic Planner for Archbold Logistics, have all received the Professional Certificate in Customer Experience.