CorrBoard Extends Contract with Logistic Supplier



Date Added: 26.03.24

CorrBoard Continues Relationships with Archbold Logistics

We are pleased to share the news that we have signed a three-year contract with Archbold Logistics, extending an eight-year relationship and confirming the haulier as our preferred supplier.

In addition to the regular fleet, we will continue to rely on two branded longer semi-trailers (LSTs), which were introduced last year and provide an additional two metres of load space for customers, while also supporting our sustainability strategy.  

In addition, we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint as the commitment to work with Archbold allows the logistics business to invest in additional LSTs and also explore the use of alternative fuels.

Working closely together, we can maximise the efficiency of deliveries, while retaining a focus on reducing the environmental impact that we have.   

Managing Director of CorrBoard, Rob Burgin, comments: “We have had a good relationship with Archbold Logistics for some time now and certainly, in recent years, we have seen how a strong partnership can impact positively on our customers and business.

“As an example, the LSTs now provide us with greater load space, which reduces the overall number of deliveries we need to make. This, in turn, reduces our carbon footprint and supports our sustainability strategy.”

Managing Director of Archbold, Alan Maher, comments: “We are very pleased to share the news that CorrBoard has extended its contract with us for a further three-years. We have a strong partnership that allows us to test new and more innovative ways of working.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the business and to sharing the success that comes from the ideas that we have and trial with the company.”