CorrBoard Colleagues Get on their New Bikes



Date Added: 20.07.23

CorrBoard Partnership with R-evolution

Thanks to a partnership with R-evolution, the charity that exists to make being active outdoors an option for everyone, CorrBoard has taken 30 bikes on long-term loan that have been gifted to colleagues throughout the business. In addition, R-evolution will provide support on maintenance and repairs.

Should a bike become damaged, R-evolution will carry out any repairs and if stolen, will replace the bikes. In return, colleagues have been asked to send any bikes that they no longer use to the charity to be repurposed for use elsewhere.

Managing Director of CorrBoard, Rob Burgin, comments: “This really was a ‘too good to be true’ scenario. When I met with the team, I kept asking what we needed to commit or how much we needed to pay.

“It turns out nothing. We just needed to offer 30 bikes to our team and encourage a healthier lifestyle through a cycle to work scheme, which is something we already have in place.

“We would like to thank R-evolution for contacting us and making us aware of the fantastic scheme they have in place. There is no doubt that many other local businesses will be making the most of the opportunity once they hear about it.”

Project and Event Coordinator from R-evolution, Charlotte Morfett, comments: “We were so pleased to hear that CorrBoard wanted to join us as a corporate supporter of the programme. There really are no strings attached. All we ask is that our partners ‘get on their bikes’.

“The ambition is to work with many more businesses in the region and we hope through examples just like CorrBoard, we can encourage more to join the scheme.”